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MINI PINEAPPLE CUPS (New! Must Try!) 迷你金牌凤梨杯

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Mini Pineapple Cups

Pineapple delicacies is a must-have during Chinese New Year! Be it open-faced tarts, ball-shaped or in cups, we have it all here at My Mum's Cookies! Looking for special kind of pineapple tarts? You will not want to miss our mini pineapple cups! Our signature pineapple jam is piped into each individually baked cookie cup. The crispy buttery cookie cup are added with rice crisps for extra crunch, serving as the perfect crunch for our tangy pineapple jam.

Our Pineapple Jam

Made with 100% pure ripe pineapple, our pineapple jam strives to bring out the freshness and tanginess of the pineapples, a perfect combination to any vessel holding it.

All our products are baked with 100% pure butter.



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