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At BCCS, we are always grateful and constantly mindful of our responsibility for the  resources entrusted to us for the community work to be performed. We do not dare under-estimate the sacrifice made by those who have contributed, hence integrity and efficiency in the stewardship of our resources are key in our  policy setting and decision making ethos.

BCCS aims to optimise resources under our charge by deploying them where they are most needed and/or where maximum impact can be derived, taking into consideration short term, medium term and long term objectives and always with beneficiaries’ interest uppermost in mind.

It is also the practice of BCCS to monitor our programmes and costs ensuring funds are being used as intended. Additionally, overheads are also kept low without compromising operational standards by soliciting services of volunteers where viable.

The underlying mission to ‘touch hearts and to build lives’ of the needy and disadvantaged is our guiding principle for the management of resources.

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