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Madam Sri Dayanti is a mother of 3 boys, Rahul, Randy and Rezki, now aged 11, 9 and 5 years old respectively. BCCS’ programmes and activities have been a very integral part of her family’s lifestyle since 2009 when her eldest, Rahul, enrolled in the then Learning Family Programme, ‘LFP’ for short, through the recommendation of BCCS’ partners for this programme, the SECDC (South East Community Development Council) and PCF (PAP Community Foundation). Randy enrolled 2 years later.

my 7 years with BCCS

“Before I joined the programme, I was always at home, saddened by the death of my two daughters. I couldn’t stop thinking about them and that drove me into depression for many years. Through this programme, I have had a lot of the volunteers befriending me and taking me out for activities. So I am much happier now. “I used to keep a lot of unnecessary items in the house till it was full. Then Keith (BCCS) helped me to slowly let go of the old items that I had been storing. So now I have enough space to walk in my house.”

Mr Lai & Wife

Beneficiaries of FamilyZone program

Aunty Sally & Husband

Beneficiaries of FamilyZone program

The volunteers are all very good, very kind and I look forward to their every visit. I only knew Keith, Matthew and Raja (the latter two from Braddell Heights Zone B Residents Committee) in the beginning but slowly I am getting to know a lot more of them now. I enjoy the ‘makan’ outings especially the National Day Celebration at Changi Airport. “Before this programme, I had no friends. My husband and I only watched TV and read papers. We seldom went out.

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