Bartley Community Care Services

8 New Industrial Road #05-01

LHK 3 Building, Singapore 536200


+65 6885 0432


Monday - Friday :: 9:00am - 6.00pm

Saturday :: 9.00am - 1:00pm

Sunday :: OFF

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They teach me to have better manners. I must people for who they are , not insult them for how they look, what their religion is, or their beliefs.

Former KidsZone Participant

They teach me good values, like respect and responsibility.

Former KidsZone Participant

I am learning to read and write. This is like giving me a second chance in life.

Parent of Former CAPLE Participant

Seeing the time invested producing fruit is the encouragement thet keeps me going despite my own struggles to find time serve amidst my very schedule.

KidsAglow Volunteer

The thing I realized what BCCS is trying to do is, we are trying to change their mindset and make the kids strive better in life, and hopefully in the future they will be the ones leading their lives and their families.

KidsZone Volunteer

The joy comes when you see their lives improved. The joy comes when you see them very thankful, very appreciative.The joy comes even more when you see them taking a step forward.

FamilyZone Volunteer

I hope that through all these, they enjoy learning for one, but at the time they realize thet somewhere out there, there is a community that cares for them.

Tuition Volunteer