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Bartley Community Care Services (BCCS) was first established in 2000 by Bartley Christian Church, registered under the name Wei-Ni Community Services Association with the primary aim of helping the needy residents living in the Bartley Road vicinity.  This service was later extended to include residents in the larger Serangoon area.  It became known by its present name, Bartley Community Care Services in 2010. BCCS’ family-based services and programs are founded on the belief that with appropriate help, many children in the low income group caught in the vicious cycle of poverty will have a chance to break out of it to reach their potential.

The reaching out to the community in the vicinity of Bartley Christian Church to be a blessing to them by doing good in practical ways was a ministry Bartley Christian Church started way back in the 90s. Leaders and its members saw this as a response to what the Christian faith is teaching, remembering the words Lord Jesus Himself who said, “ It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35).

The ministry was subsequently registered as a charity under the name of Wei Ni Community Services Association in year 2000 before it was renamed Bartley Community Care Services (BCCS) in 2010.

Operations under the name of Bartley Community Care Service now in its 10th year have seen its services expand in depth and breadth over the years made possible by generous donations mainly from members of Bartley Christian Church as well as from funding under the Government’s Care And Share Programme.

The funds raised have made it possible for all services to continue to be offered free to all beneficiaries. The motivating force behind all of our efforts continues to be the belief that everyone deserves a chance, or two, to lead fulfilling lives and provide the disadvantaged that chance to succeed. The acquisition of IPC status in 2012 had also given a boost to fund raising and signalled an opportunity to do even more for the community.

The opening of Hope Centre in mid-2016 was another pivotal point in BCCS’ journey as we became more visible to the community we serve and are able to offer some of our services right smack in their midst. The public access by public transport especially for those not within walking distance and needing to bring very young children may still be wanting.

BCCS’ core services include preparatory education for pre-schoolers and their parents, enrichment programs, after school care, tuition for children lagging behind in their studies to progress academically. BCCS’ programs aim to assist needy/troubled children from disadvantaged and/or challenging background to achieve a breakthrough in difficult situations. BCCS’s services have also since 2014 extended its services to cater to needy and lonely elderly to help them cope in a challenging environment.

BCCS adopts a holistic approach in its programs, aiming not only to build the literacy skills of children in need but also to equip their parents with the right nurturing skills and to engage them in their child’s learning journey, offering bursaries and family support services where needed.


BCCS partners schools and the South East Community Development Council in running some of these programs. Its services are provided free of charge to all beneficiaries. These programs depend very much on services of volunteers and on funds from Bartley Christian Church and donations from its members as well as the public as well and through fund-raising activities.

Bartley Community Care Services has enjoyed Institution of a Public Character (IPC) status since December 2012.

Registered Address : 8 New Industrial Road #05-01 LHK3 Building Singapore 536200

UEN : T01SS0004H

Bartley Community Care Services

8 New Industrial Road #05-01

LHK 3 Building, Singapore 536200


+65 6885 0432


Monday - Friday :: 9:00am - 6.00pm

Saturday :: 9.00am - 1:00pm

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