Bartley Community Care Services

8 New Industrial Road #05-01

LHK 3 Building, Singapore 536200


+65 6885 0432


Monday - Friday :: 9:00am - 6.00pm

Saturday :: 9.00am - 1:00pm

Sunday :: OFF

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  • To provide academic assistance to past beneficiaries of BCCS' preparatory programmes for primary school, their siblings and other academically weak children from low income families so that they can catch up/ keep pace with peers, pass exams or even to excel academically.


Core Content / methodology

  • Coaching in English, Mathematics and Science subjects for Primary One to Secondary Four students

  • Student to teacher ratio target: not >2:1

Eligibility criteria for admission to programme

  • Children who have participated in our past programmes

  • Children from homes under financial assistance scheme

  • Singapore citizen



Bartley Tuition Centre, 4 How Sun Drive, (2nd floor) Singapore 538526



2 hours per session weekly



Every Saturday, 10am to 12pm as per school term

Minimum Qualification required of volunteers

  • An '0' level pass in the subjects offered for tuition


Training for volunteers

  • Orientation and understanding BCCS’ philosophy   

  • Other training available but optional


BCCS' Expectations of volunteers

  • Regular attendance

  • Good team player

  • Able to communicate clearly 

  • Participate in at least one bonding activity outside of the programme.

Contacts for volunteering of services