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Mr Lai & Wife

Beneficiaries of FamilyZone program

“Before I joined the programme, I was always at home, saddened by the death of my two daughters. I couldn’t stop thinking about them and that drove me into depression for many years. Through this programme, I have had a lot of the volunteers befriending me and taking me out for activities. So I am much happier now. “I used to keep a lot of unnecessary items in the house till it was full. Then Keith (BCCS) helped me to slowly let go of the old items that I had been storing. So now I have enough space to walk in my house.”


Mr Lai is an 85 year old who lives with his wife and a reclusive daughter. The tragedies within the family had left an emotional scar on them all. Both Mr Lai and his wife who is extremely quiet suffer from several medical conditions and struggle with managing their medical records and appointments. When BCCS first met Mr Lai, he was lonely, still grieving and in despair. Mr Lai is now chatty and showing the cheerful side of his character.

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