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our team

BCCS is governed by the Board of Directors & Management executives, supported

by a small but dedicated team of full-time and part-time staff.

The Board of Directors works with the Management team to develop strategies, establish priorities and ensures that plans & programmes are implemented well. It assures that the charity stays true to its mission & vision statements, and complies

with all the relevant regulations.

board of directors


Roch Koh Soon Yao

Chairman & Funds Strategy

"What a joy to be involved in touching lives and seeing lives changed!"


Ong Beng Thiam

Vice Chairman & Human Resource

"Being a friend to people who fall behind in our society - helping their next generation do better in school, giving hope for the future." 

Lye See _edited.jpg

Low Lye See


"One cannot but be compelled to help when life is viewed through the lenses of the needy, and BCCS provides the platform to offer them hope."

Tai Luang (2)_edited.jpg

Lee Tai Luang


"Reaching out to those in need and extending a helping hand to make a difference."


Lye Puat Fong

Corporate Communications & Publicity

"If I talk about the plight of the disadvantaged and not lend a hand, I am like 'a gong' full of sound and fury, signifying nothing."

Benjamin Pong.jpg


Benjamin Pong Chee Kin

"Charity acknowledges the divide between the advantage and the disadvantage. Compassion empowers the hands to bridge it. Confidence brings new life."


Kenneth Teo Meng Teck

Director of Programmes & Services

"Helping the needy is our moral responsibility and my biggest inspiration comes when I watch our volunteers give their time selflessly every week so that we can achieve this goal together."

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