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Neither Covid 19 nor any other adversity is going to stop us from doing good. The work to help improve and restore the lives of many in our community must go on.  To understand the work of Bartley Community Care Services (BCCS), please click here.

walk apart, together!

In view of the current Covid situation, BCCS has had to cancel our annual physical fund raising event and will instead, be having our first ever Virtual Walkathon #BCCSiWalk2020.

iWalk 2020 hopes to enhance awareness of the work of BCCS and to raise funds in these challenging circumstances so as to continue the work offered free of charge to those from disadvantaged backgrounds.   

In your own way, in your own time, be a part of this iWalk to support the community work of BCCS.  Let your hearts move your legs to iWalk and your hands to make that donation today.  


The Walk 


Qualifying Period : 21st Nov 2020 to 6th Dec 2020 


Distance : 4 km or more  


Route: Your secret getaway or anywhere near your home.   


For some suggested routes, have a look at some of our favourites.

All participants who submit their proof of completion will receive a unique Finisher e-certificate one can be proud of.  

Registration Period: 1st Nov 2020 to 6th Dec 2020. 



Donate to our CausE


Registration is free but donations are more than welcomed!  
Donations of $20 and above will be entitled to a token appreciation gift lovingly crafted by our volunteers and beneficiaries. Donations of $50 and above are also eligible for tax relief.
Gifts are limited to the first 300 donors.

Please get in touch with us if you would like to place a pre-order in bulk or purchase additional mask-pouches to support our Friends at the HOPE Program. 

Making of Mask-Pouches by Volunteers and Beneficiaries

How to use the Mask-Pouch

[Here’s how] you can help us raise funds by creating your very own iWalk Fundraising Campaign on

Get your friends and family members to sponsor your walk using your Fundraising Campaign.  

Your support means a lot to our Friends of BCCS.

how to participate







Suggested RouteS

A single loop around Bedok Reservoir

Two loops around the vicinity of MacPherson and Circuit Road

Two loops around the beautiful Bishan Park

A single loop around Bidadari as completed by our very own Ps Tony on 21st June 2020.

Note: You are not restricted to these suggested routes.

Tracking Apps

Here are some suggested apps you can use on your mobile to track your walk.

Submit your completed walk by taking a screen shot of at least 4km covered on your app from your mobile.

Apple Fitness

apple activities.jpg

Google Fit


Samsung Health


Huawei Health

huawei health.jpg

Should you need assistance for use of these apps, please email

Submission period : 21st Nov 2020 to 8th Dec 2020

All participants who submit their proof of completion will receive a unique Finisher e-certificate one can be proud of.


Frequently asked questions


Q1: How do I register for the walk?
A1: Go to the iWalk2020 website to register for the walk.
Q2: What is the latest date for registration?
A2: Registration period is from 1st November 2020 (first day) to 6th December 2020 (last day) Q3: Is there any registration fee?
A3: No there is no registration fee.
The walk is free for all but all donations will be much appreciated.


Q1: How do I make a donation to support BCCS iWalk 2020?
A1: Please go to to make a donation.
Q2: In what currency can donations be made?
A2: Donations should be made in Singapore dollars only. Q3: I want to donate what I can; what’s the smallest and largest amount I can donate?
A3: Every little bit counts! The smallest amount you can donate through in one transaction is $10, and it goes up to $100,000. Q4: What payment gateways are available if I want to make a donation?
A4: has partnered with Stripe, which provides a payment gateway for credit card payments. This currently supports all local and international VISA, MasterCard and American Express credit card transactions. Q5: Why does my bank credit card or bank statement show Giving Dot SG name instead of the charity (BCCS) I donated to?
A5: Your donation is first paid into the bank account of, so that the charity (BCCS) will not need to pay for having a separate merchant account. Q6: What fees are charged by
A6: Donors do not pay any fees. 100% of all donations goes directly to BCCS to benefit the initiatives and causes we champion. Q7: How do I know if my donation is successful? What do I do if it’s not?
A7: After you’ve made your donation, you’ll receive an email notification from of its status. Q8: I have made donations above $20, how many mask pouches would I receive?
A8: Please note that each unique donor is entitled to ONLY ONE MASK POUCH, even if the donor donates multiple times on separate occasions.The token gift would be mailed to you by post. (Please provide a valid full postal address at during the donation submission, we would send you the mask pouch within a month.) Q9: What is the minimum amount of donation to enjoy tax relief?
A9: Donations ($50 and above) to Bartley Community Care Services (BCCS) are eligible for 250% tax relief. Please provide the necessary details required for tax relief including your NRIC; these would be submitted to IRAS directly.


Q1: What is the minimum distance that I need to cover?
A1: You have to complete at least 4 kilometres in your walk.
Q2: Is there any route to follow?
A2: You can plan your own route, there is no specific route that you must follow in your walk. Some suggested routes can be found at Q3: When do I have to complete my walk?
A3: You have to complete your walk by 11.59 PM on 6th December 2020. The Qualifying Period is from 21st November 2020 to 6th December 2020. Q4: When is the deadline that I have to submit my proof of completion?
A4: Please submit your proof of completion by 11.59 PM on 8th December 2020 at here Q5: What do I need to submit to be eligible to receive the Finisher E-certificate?
A5: You would need to submit a picture or a screen shot from your app showing the date and distance covered:
a. Date to show that you have completed your walk on or before 6th December 2020
b. Distance to show that you have covered a distance of 4 kilometres or more in your walk

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